Basic Dental Implant Course

Practical Training for Implants in India
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Basic Dental Implant Course

Practical training in Basic Dental Implantology

A basic dental implant course is for every general dentist to incorporate knowledge of basic dental implantology to consult dental implant patients. As dental practitioners nowadays we see a lot of patients coming to a dental clinic with the requirement of dental implants. As general dentists, we should be able to properly guide them through clinical and radiological examination. Even if you have an implant surgeon visiting your dental practice, you are the patient’s hope for getting proper guidance. 


Scope of Basic Dental Implant Course

A basic dental implant course is designed to give a complete understanding of dental implantology in a dental practice. Dentists not knowing anything about oral implantology can benefit from this course. This course can help you start your dental implant practice easily and with guidance from our master mentors. After completion of the basic dental implant course you will be able to:-

  • Manage your dental implant consultations in private practice.
  • Make diagnosis using clinical findings and radiological findings ( OPG, CBCT) 
  • Make a treatment plan for a simple one or two implant cases.
  • Manage surgical placement, impressions, and prosthesis delivery for simple implant cases.
  • Follow up on your implant patients at a private practice.
  • Post-operative implant care for implant cases and giving helpful instructions to implant patients. 
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Surgical Module ( 2 Days)

  • Basic Theory in Practical Implantology
  • Scope of dental implantology
  • Radiological assessment 
  • Clinical Assessment
  • Drilling Sequence 
  • Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Implant Placement 
  • Hands-on Implant placement over dummy mandible
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Impression Module ( 2 Days)

  • Impression techniques in implantology
  • Different impression materials
  • Direct and indirect impressions
  • Prosthetic planning
  • Lab accessories in Impressions
  • Lab instructions
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Prosthetic Module ( 2 Days)

  • Prosthetic Options
  • Final Prosthetic Delivery
  • Occlusion in Implantology
  • Bite Adjustments
  • Cementation and screw-retained prosthesis
  • Screw loosening and complications management in implantology
  • Post care instructions for patient
Implant Course Enquiry
Interested in learning dental implants? Send your details and our team will talk to you to decide which dental implant course is suitable for you and provide you with detailed information about the course.
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The best dental implant courses in India for beginners as well as seasoned implant practitioners. Our dental implant courses are practical learning oriented. We provide practical lectures, live demonstrations, and hands-on training on dummy models. Our courses are designed to provide step-by-step skill development depending on your existing experience in dental implantology. 

Learn Dental Implantology from Master Mentors in India

Best Dental Implant Mentor in India

Know Your Implant Mentor

Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is one of the best dental implant surgeons in India. He is well-versed in conventional as well as immediate basal implantology. The quest to provide dental implants irrespective of any problems to all patients leads him to learn, master, and practice Basal Implantology. He had mastered the techniques in basal implantology and also helped dentists to learn & practice basal implantology. He is one of the best basal implant mentors in India. He had trained numerous dentists all over India in basal implantology. He is practicing dental implantology in Gurgaon, Nashik, and Mumbai. Along with his fellow implant surgeons, he provides immaculate training for dentists at every level in Oral implantology. Know More


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Practical Implant Training in India

Best Dental Implant Courses for Dentists

Implant Course Enquiry
Interested in learning dental implants? Send your details and our team will talk to you to decide which dental implant course is suitable for you and provide you with detailed information about the course.
Dental Implantology is a huge and ever-evolving field in modern dentistry. Learning dental implants is quite difficult for a general dentist. Many dentists fear joining extensive implantology programs in dental institutes. One reason for this is the time duration, these fellowship dental implant programs are for one or two years. Many dentists start their clinical dental practice and find it difficult to get away from dental practice for one or two years. Short-term dental implant courses are the best choice for many dentists in India to start learning dental implantology. The advantage of such courses is the short duration about 3 days to 7 days. Moreover, these are mostly planned around weekends so practicing dentists can stay away from their clinical practice comfortably. 

We offer dental implant courses in India for dentists wanting to learn and practice dental implantology. The dental implant courses are short-duration and make it easy for practicing dentists to learn implantology at their own pace. The courses are designed to carry your learning through basic implants to advance implantology levels. Fresher dentists as well as implant practitioners will have something to upgrade, learn and practice. One of the most advantages of these courses is they are economical and help you learn implantology along with your dental practice. Some courses need two or three modules like implant placement module, implant impression module, and implant prosthetic module. Each module is for 2 to 3 days and is mostly arranged on weekends to facilitate practicing dentists to learn implantology. 


Our Popular Dental Implant Courses 

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Basic Dental Implant Course

A five-day basic dental implant course is conducted in Gurgaon. This course is good for fresher dentists, practicing dentists, and dental lab technicians. This dental implant training makes your dental implantology concepts strong. Know More.
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Advanced Implant Courses

A 3 Day workshop for advanced dental implant training is conducted for practicing implantologists to upgrade skills like bone grafting, sinus lift surgery, aesthetic implant restorations, etc. Know More.


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Basal Implant Courses

A 3 Days Basal implant course is conducted for beginners to develop skills in cortical implantology. This workshop is good for freshers, practicing implant surgeons, and lab technicians.

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