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Dental Implants

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Want to replace your missing tooth with a dental implant? You may have a lot of questions about your teeth replacement. One thing is for sure, Dental Implants are the best teeth replacement options in modern dentistry. You can have a comfortable and near-to-natural teeth replacement with a dental implant. 
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“Dental Implants are Titanium screw-like structure that replaces the natural tooth root inside the jaw bone and supports the artificial tooth.”

Why Dental Implants?

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Dental implants can give you fixed permanent teeth replacement that is beyond comparison to any other method of tooth replacement. We have an experienced implant surgeon to get you the best dental implant for missing tooth.

When you require to replace your missing or damaged teeth, a dental implant is the most near to natural tooth replacement method. There are several reasons why you loose a tooth, and for your missing teeth you need a replacement to eat your food properly. Dental implants demonstrated a 98% success rate and a truly comfortable teeth replacement options. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

Most Natural Tooth Replacement
Comfortable Chewing
Confident Smile

Reasons of Tooth Loss

Although your teeth are supposed to be there for life. But, due to many reasons, you can lose a tooth early. There are some conditions where you can avoid it but in many, you are not able to avoid tooth loss. Here we will see most of the common reasons for tooth loss. 
Gum Diseases
Gum disease also known as periodontal disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults. It starts with gums inflammation and bacterial lodgement in deposits around teeth. As it progresses there is loss of gums and jaw bone surrounding the teeth. Eventually, teeth get loose and fall. 
Dental Decay or Cavities
Dental decay or cavities in the tooth is formed due to food staying over tooth surfaces overnight. The best way to avoid tooth decay is to brush your teeth once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. The dental decay or cavity will make the tooth hollow and eventually break. 
Accident or Trauma
Accidents or trauma is one of the major reasons for tooth loss. An accident can happen while playing so mouthguards are important. While most of the time you can not prevent accidents and tooth loss is inevitable. 
Chronic Medical Conditions & Habits
Some of the medical conditions aggravate gum disease and help with tooth loss. Medical conditions like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, asthma, and Thyroid have a major impact on gums and teeth. Factors like tobacco chewing and smoking contribute to poor oral hygiene and result in gum diseases and eventually tooth loss. 

When You Need Dental Implant Replacement?

When you are missing a tooth or teeth in a jaw, or conditions where your tooth is damaged beyond repair by dental procedure then you require dental implant replacement. Full-mouth dental implants are for edentulous patients having difficulties with removable ill-fitting dentures. Following are some conditions where a patient is advised to get a dental implant replacement. 
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Missing Tooth / Teeth

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, you can get a fixed permanent teeth replacement with dental implants. 
Root Canal Failure

Root Canal Treatment Failures

Unpredictable root canal treatment failures that can not be restored need the removal of a tooth and replacement with a dental implant

Trauma / Accidental Tooth Fractures

Accidental tooth fractures that can not be restored need removal and replacement with dental implants.
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Worn off dental bridges / Loose Dentures

Worn off dental bridges or loose removable dentures give continuous pain and suffering. Full mouth dental implant teeth replacement is best for these patients.

No Bone Grafting, No Sinus Lift Surgery

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Advantages of Dental Implants

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Near To Natural Teeth
Dental Implant tooth replacement is most comfortable due to its functional and aesthetic similarity to a natural tooth. You can maintain perfect function and smile with dental implant teeth replacement. 
Most Durable - Last for a lifetime
A titanium dental implant fuses to your jawbone and lasts for a lifetime. It is bio-compatible, without any toxicity, and is not rejected by the body. This is one of the most stable and durable dental treatments. 
Keeps Surrounding teeth Stable
When you lose a tooth there is a gap and within some days your surrounding teeth will start moving in the gap. Dental implant tooth helps to keep adjacent teeth in their position and prevents their movement. This will help keep a good alignment of teeth. 
Prevents Jaw Bone Loss
Once your teeth are removed from the jaw the bone inside the jaw starts resorbing and over a period there is bone loss in the jaw. Dental implants are placed inside jaw bone like natural roots and help to maintain and prevent bone loss in the jaw. 
Prevents Facial Sagging and Premature Aging
Tooth loss is one of the reasons for facial sagging due to jaw bone loss. A lower third of the face reduces as the alveolar ridge is having bone loss. This results in less space between the tip of the nose and your chin, Dental Implants are fixed in the jaw bone and prevent jaw bone loss maintaining your facial structure. 

Dental Implant Courses in India

Get Trained Form Master Mentors in Implantology

If you are looking to learn dental implantology, you are at the right place. Get trained by experts to provide fixed implant teeth in India. We are providing basic to advance dental implant courses in India. Our dental implant courses are beneficial for every level of implant practitioner. Our Team of implant surgeons is well-trained in their fields of implantology and helps you get practical knowledge and the best insights for dental implant procedures. Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is a well-known dental implant mentor in India for Basal Dental Implantology. He will teach you everything about cortical implants and help you start Basal Implantology at your dental practice. Our 3 Days Basal Implant Workshop is beneficial for beginners to start with basal dental implants confidently. Know more about our dental implant courses.

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Implant Course Enquiry
Interested in learning dental implants? Send your details and our team will talk to you to decide which dental implant course is suitable for you and provide you with detailed information about the course.

Painless Dental implant Surgery

Worried about pain during dental implants?

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Get painless dental implant Surgery now from an expert implant surgeon. Many patients get scared of dental implant surgery. Usually, dental implant surgery is painless as it is performed under local anesthesia and there is no pain during the surgical procedure. After the surgery, a patient is given medication for a few days that take care of pain and swelling. With proper postoperative care, recovery is within a few days. The patient needs complete rest for a single day. 

Cost of Dental implant Tooth Replacement

Affordable Dental Implant Treatment in India

You can get a fixed implant tooth in India at a very affordable cost. The dental implant centers in India usually offer all-inclusive packages for a variety of dental implant procedures.  Usually, a single tooth replacement with a dental implant cost Rs. 15000 to Rs. 45000. A full mouth replacement starts from Rs. 250000. These rates are just indicative, and extra procedures like bone grafting, sinus lift surgery, ridge splits, etc. will be charged extra.

We offer a free online consultation that can help you to find out the exact charges, time duration, and complete expenditure for dental implant treatment for your case.

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Implant Manufacturing Company
Brand value is one of the most important factors in deciding the cost of dental implant treatment. Globally reputed companies provide value for money through their continued research and development. Best global brands are available for patients in India to get their teeth replacement. 
Implant Surgeons Skills
A successful implant treatment depends largely on the ability of the implant surgeon to choose and provide implant techniques that the surgeon is trained into. The best implant surgeons get continuous improvement in their implant skills through learning and adapting to the latest techniques. 
Implant Methods
Different implant methods are utilized to provide the best teeth replacement according to the specific requirement of your case. 
Implant Prosthesis
Material of implant prosthesis also determines the cost of dental implant treatment. Metal-free zirconia crowns tend to be more costly than porcelain fused to metal crowns. 
Extra Surgical Procedures
Extra adjunctive surgical procedures if required increase the cost of dental implant treatment. Some common surgeries are – sinus lift surgery, ridge split surgery, bone grafting surgery, GBR procedure, etc. 

Fixed Implant Teeth in Gurgaon within 72 Hrs

Best fixed teeth solutions for all patients in Gurgaon & Delhi NCR. Dr. Prashamt Chaudhary had helped many patients to get fixed immediate basal implants in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR. Get fixed implant teeth in just 3 days from experts in immediate loading basal implants. 

Get Implant Tooth in a Day in Mumbai

Looking for fixed permanent teeth in 3 days with immediate loading basal implantology? Dr. Prashant Chaudhary had helped many patients to get fixed implant teeth through advanced German technology successfully. 

Get fixed Tooth in 3 Days in Nashik

Looking for fixed implant teeth in Nashik? Dr. Prashant Chaudhary had helped many patients get fixed implant teeth in 3 days with immediate loading basal implants. This advanced German Technology help to get your fixed implant teeth without bone graft, sinus lift surgery, and accessory procedures. 

Get your fixed implant teeth in 3 days 

Immediate functional teeth within 3 days

With the advanced German technology of Basal Implants, anybody can get fixed permanent teeth within 72 hours. Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is a specialist in immediate basal implantology and helped numerous patients get fixed teeth in 3 days. Get free online consultation now to know your options of getting fixed teeth in 3 days.

Whether you require a single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement, single jaw replacement, or full mouth replacement you can get fixed permanent teeth within 3 days. No waiting, no bone grafting, no extra surgeries, talk to our experts now.

Best Dental Implant Surgeon in India

Know Your Implantologist

Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is one of the best dental implant surgeons in India. He is well-versed in conventional as well as immediate basal implantology. The quest to provide dental implants irrespective of any problems to all patients leads him to learn, master, and practice Basal Implantology. He had mastered the techniques in basal implantology and also helped dentists to learn & practice basal implantology. He is one of the best basal implant mentors in India. He had trained numerous dentists all over India in basal implantology. He is practicing dental implantology in Gurgaon, Nashik, and Mumbai. Along with his fellow implant surgeons, he provides immaculate training for dentists at every level in Oral implantology. Know More


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Best Implantologist in India

Single Tooth Implant

A missing single tooth can be replaced with a single dental implant comfortably without compromising other good natural surrounding teeth. Hence a dental implant tooth replacement is considered one of the best tooth replacement procedures. Single tooth replacement with dental implants can be done with conventional implants in about 3 to 6 months. Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is an expert in basal implant surgery and can provide same-day tooth replacement with cortical implant too. 

Multiple Teeth Implants

Have more than one missing tooth? You can get an easy cost-effective teeth replacement with a Dental implant Bridge. Instead of placing one implant per missing tooth, a few implants are placed in the good jaw bone to support the Dental implant Bridge. This way you get the best teeth replacement with dental implants that too at a reasonable cost. Dental implant-supported bridges are a great way to replace multiple missing teeth in your mouth. 

Single Jaw / Full Mouth Implants

Best Full mouth teeth replacement with dental implants in Gurgaon. Missing complete teeth in the jaw or multiple damaged teeth, full mouth replacement is a comfortable and cost-effective way to replace a complete jaw with a dental implant and implant bridges. With 4 to 6 implants in a single jaw, you can get an implant-supported bridge of 12 or 14 teeth. Full mouth or single jaw replacement can be done with basal implants in just 3 to 5 days by Prashant Chaudhary, an expert immediate implant specialist in India.