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Basal Implant Courses

Practical training in Basal Implantology

Embarking on the journey of enhancing your proficiency in dental implantation within India unveils a selection of top-notch courses dedicated to basal implants. These courses serve to augment your skills, allowing you to tackle cases with minimal jaw bone requirements. If the aspiration is to furnish patients with immediate loading dental implants, delve into the realm of corticobasal implantology courses. This German technique, meticulously designed and developed, stands poised to deliver dental implants in scenarios involving severely atrophic jaws, both in the maxilla and mandible. The unique allure lies in the prospect of affording patients fixed, functional implant-supported teeth within a mere 72 hours. What distinguishes corticobasal implantology is its freedom from the necessity of extensive adjunctive surgeries such as sinus lift surgery, bone grafting, and GBR or GTR procedures.

Journey through Short-Term Basal Implant Courses

Our offerings encompass short-term basal implant courses across various Indian cities, including Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nashik, and Bangalore, among others. The practical workshops devoted to immediate loading basal implantology span three days. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for timely updates on these workshops. Initiate your basal implantology voyage by participating in a conveniently located course.

In the dynamic field of dentistry, maintaining currency with the latest advancements and techniques stands as a linchpin for delivering optimal care to patients. Enter basal implantology, an avant-garde approach to implant dentistry that eclipses traditional methods, offering a plethora of advantages. For dentists in India seeking to broaden their skill set and provide state-of-the-art treatments, delving into basal implantology courses is an imperative step.

The Ascent of Basal Implantology

Basal implantology, also recognized as bicortical implantology, has garnered substantial traction owing to its distinctive methodology and remarkable success rates. Diverging from conventional implantology, which hinges on the quality and quantity of jawbone, basal implants anchor within the dense cortical bone, ensuring stability and immediate loading capabilities.

Pivotal Advantages of Basal Implants

1. Minimally Invasive: Basal implants demand minimal bone volume, rendering them suitable for patients with compromised bone density, obviating the need for extensive bone grafting.

2. Immediate Loading: Prosthetic restoration often accompanies implant placement on the same day, facilitating swift results and heightened patient satisfaction.

3. High Success Rates: Basal implants boast stellar long-term success rates, guaranteeing the endurance of restorations.

4. Versatility: These implants find application across diverse clinical scenarios, establishing them as a versatile option for dental practitioners.

Basal implantology emerges as a game-changer in the realm of implant dentistry, presenting innovative solutions for patients with diverse clinical requirements. Investing in a reputable basal implantology course within India equips you with the skills and knowledge essential for delivering cutting-edge treatments, ultimately elevating your practice and benefiting your patients.

As you commence your exploration of basal implantology courses, prioritize accreditation, seasoned faculty, a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and state-of-the-art facilities. Armed with the right training and dedication, you can ascend to proficiency as a basal implantologist, providing your patients with unparalleled dental care.

Should you be poised to advance your dental career into the realm of basal implantology, initiate your quest for accredited courses without delay? Your patients will undoubtedly express their gratitude for your commitment to excellence.

3-Day Workshop in Cortico Basal Implantology – What You Learn?

This 3 Day workshop in corticobasal implantology is a practical training with live clinical cases and hands-on practice for you to learn and get a feel of actual basal implants. Acquaint yourself with the armamentarium of basal implantology. These basal implant courses are for freshers as well as conventional implant surgeons to expand their scope in oral implantology. Following are the details of the complete curriculum for 3 days basal workshop:-

Day One
  • Understanding immediate loading implantology
  • Anatomic considerations in basal implants
  • Bone types and physiology in cortical implants
  • Diagnostic with clinical and radiological findings
  • Reading OPG and CBCT
  • Detailed Treatment Planning
  • Live Surgery with basal implant positioning and placement
  • Impression methods in basal implantology
  • Basal implant techniques – pterygoid implants, nerve bypass, sinus floor engagement. 
  • Surgical complications and management
Day Two
  • Occlusion in basal implantology
  • metal try-in for prosthesis over patient
  • bite registration for segmental and full mouth implants
  • Anterior aesthetics in basal implantology
  • Clinical cases discussion in basal implants
Day Three
  • Final Prosthesis delivery and occlusal adjustments
  • Complications and management in basal implantology
  • Hands-on Training on implant placement in dummy mandible
  • Armamenrorium in basal implantology
  • Difference between conventional and basal implantology
  • Question and Answer session

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    dental implants in India

    The best basal implant courses in India for beginners as well as seasoned implant practitioners. Our dental implant courses are practical learning oriented. We provide practical lectures, live demonstrations, and hands-on training on dummy models. Our courses are designed to provide step-by-step skill development depending on your existing experience in dental implantology. 

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’S)

    Q: Are these courses suitable for beginners with no prior experience in dental implantology?

    A: Yes, our courses are tailored to accommodate beginners and provide a strong foundation in dental implant mastery.

    Q: How do the courses cater to the needs of seasoned practitioners?

    A: We offer advanced training modules specifically designed for experienced dental practitioners, ensuring they receive valuable insights to elevate their expertise.

    Q: What sets your practical lectures apart from traditional teaching methods?

    A: Our practical lectures are not only informative but also engaging, providing a dynamic learning experience for participants.

    Q: What support is provided for participants after completing the courses?

    A: We offer ongoing support and resources to help participants apply their newfound skills in real-world scenarios.

    Learn Corticobasal Implantology from Master Mentors in India

    Best Dental Implant Mentor in India

    Know Your Implant Mentor

    Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is one of the best dental implant surgeons in India. He is well-versed in conventional as well as immediate basal implantology. The quest to provide dental implants irrespective of any problems to all patients leads him to learn, master, and practice Basal Implantology. He had mastered the techniques in basal implantology and also helped dentists to learn & practice basal implantology. He is one of the best basal implant mentors in India. He had trained numerous dentists all over India in basal implantology. He is practicing dental implantology in Gurgaon, Nashik, and Mumbai. Along with his fellow implant surgeons, he provides immaculate training for dentists at every level in Oral implantology. Know More


    dr. prashant chaudhary

    Basal Implant Courses in India

    No Bone Grafting

    No Sinus lift Surgery

    No waiting ( functional teeth in 72 hours)

    Immediate functional loading of teeth

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