Basal Implants in Gurgaon

Best immediate permanent teeth in 3 days by experts.

Basal Implants in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India

Curious to know more about basal implantology? Basal implant technology is developed to provide immediate functional teeth replacement. That means you can get immediate fixed permanent teeth in 3 days over the basal implant. Here you will find everything about basal implants also known as cortical implants.
Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is an expert implantologist in Gurgaon practicing basal implantology. He is a master mentor for basal implants teaching and training implant dentists in India. Do you want to get immediate fixed teeth replacement? Contact Dr. Prashant Now.

Immediate Fixed Teeth in 3 Days

cortical fixation Orthopedic
How basal implantology provides immediate functional teeth replacement is an interesting factor to consider. The concept of cortical engagement is derived from orthopedic surgeries. The basal implant is ling and anchored into the basal bone with cortical engagement. This bi-cortical engagement is strong enough to provide support to implant dental bridges immediately.

Immediate Fixed Teeth Affordability & Advantages

Flapless Implant Placement
Basal implants are placed without cutting the gums and no sutures are given. This flapless surgery ensures minimum bleeding and faster recovery.
No Waiting Time
After the removal of your damaged teeth, there is no need to wait for several months to get your implants and fixed teeth. Immediate tooth removal and same-day basal implant placement reduce your waiting time. You get fixed functional teeth in 3 days.
Single Surgery
The basal implants take support from the basal bone which means that there is no need for your jaw bone to be very good in quality and quantity. There is no requirement to do extra surgeries like – bone grafting, sinus lift surgery, ridge split surgery, etc. You get your implants in a single surgery.
Cost Effective
In basal implant teeth replacement, there is no requirement of bone graft material, no surgical cost for extra surgeries, and no recurrent dental visits. This all reduces your dental implant treatment cost reasonably.
Immediate Functional Teeth
With basal implants, even patients having difficult jaw bone, medically compromised, severe periodontal issues, heavy smokers, etc can get immediate fixed implant teeth replacement.

Best Basal Implants in Gurgaon

Best basal implants in Gurgaon by one of the best basal implant surgeons in India. Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is one of the highly acclaimed basal implantology surgeons in India. He is one of the best dental implant mentors in India.  You can get your complete treatment plan for immediate dental implant replacement with basal implants in India. With the basal implant method, almost everyone can get fixed immediate implant teeth. You can get your case evaluated by experts by sending the diagnostic x-rays, OPG, CBCT, etc. The diagnostics required in basal implant treatment planning involve following
OPG for dental implants

OPG Radiograph

Orthopantomagram, commonly known as OPG is a panoramic digital x-ray of the upper and lower jaw. OPG radiograph is advised for diagnosing the jaw bone condition, quality, quantity, teeth positions, etc. Dental implantologist will examine the OPG and form the implant treatment plan for the placement of dental implants. 
CBCT for Dental Implants

CBCT ( Cone beam computed tomography ) 

CBCT ( Cone beam computed tomography ) is an advanced radiographic imaging method that gives perfect 3d imaging of hard tissues. Your implant surgeon will get perfect 3-dimensional measures of all your upper and lower jawbones to get the sizes of dental implants to be placed. 
dental implants in gurgaon

Complete Treaatment Plan

The best implant surgeon in Gurgaon will provide you with a complete treatment plan for your basal implant teeth replacement. A treatment plan will be prepared after completing your clinical examination, and radiographic analysis. This treatment plan will give you an exact idea of – duration of teeth replacement ( 3 to 5 days), cost of basal implant procedure in India, and type of functional prosthesis. You will be provided with pre-operative instructions and scheduled for implant surgery. 

Cost of Basal Implants in Gurgaon

The cost of basal implant teeth replacement in India varies a lot due to major factors such as:

  • Basal implant surgeons’ expertise & experience
  • Dental office and city where you will be operated
  • type of functional final prosthesis that will be provided in 3 days

The basal implant teeth replacement procedure is less costly than conventional implants in cases with less jaw bone quantity. There are no extra surgeries, no bone grafting, and expensive materials to build bone. Moreover, few dental office visits are saving you not only your time but cost too. The approximate cost of a basal implant in India is Rs. 25000 to Rs. 35000.

Dental Implants for Severe Diabetic Patients

Fixed Permanent teeth for Diabetic Patients
Diabetes is the major reason many patients postpone their dental implant procedure. Conventional implants tend to fail in severe diabetic conditions. Also, the overall duration to get fixed teeth is more than 6 months. We had treated severe diabetic patients with basal implants successfully and all the treatment is completed in 3 to 7 days. Fixed permanent implant teeth were given to the diabetic patient in Gurgaon.
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Dental Implants for Severe Periodontitis

Fixed Permanent teeth for Gums Disease Patients
The severe periodontal condition leads to mobile teeth and eventually tooth loss. There are gums and underlying jaw bone recession. Regular conventional implant treatment is failed due to peri-implantitis in such patients. Treatment of such severe periodontal conditions is done successfully with basal implants. Patients get fixed permanent teeth in 3 to 7 days.
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Dental Implants for Severe Atrophic Jaws

Fixed Permanent teeth for patient with severe bone loss

Severe atrophic ridges are difficult to treat with conventional implants. Various adjunctive surgeries like sinus lift and bone grafting are needed to fix implant teeth. Chances of failure are high and the duration to get fixed teeth is more prolonged. Basal implants are used successfully to treat severe atrophic jaw ridges without any graft or extra surgery. Immediate fixed teeth in Gurgaon for bone loss patients. 

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Dental Implants for Stroke Patient

Fixed Permanent teeth for patient recovered from Stroke
Dental implant procedures are difficult to plan for stroke patients with a conventional implantology. A flapless surgical approach made it possible to fix implant teeth in a stroke patient successfully. Medically compromised patients can get dental implants in Gurgaon with advanced basal implantology.  
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