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Dental Implants in India

Best fixed teeth solutions by expert Implant Surgeon in India.

“Dental implants are artificial root like structure made of Titanium that is placed into a jaw bone to support an artificial dental crown”

Types of Dental Implants in India

A broad classification for a type of dental implant would be one with delayed loading and the other with immediate loading. 

Delayed Loading Implants

Also known as conventional or two-stage implants. These implants are placed into a jaw bone and left to get fixed for 3 to 6 months. When the implant is fixed, an abutment is placed and a crown is given over the implant. 

Immediate Loading Implants

Immediate loading dental implants as the name suggests are placed into the jaw bone and an immediate artificial dental crown is given over the implant. A patient gets fixed permanent teeth replaced within a few days (3 to 7 days) with immediate loading dental implants. 

Advantages of Dental Implant

A dental implant teeth replacement is one of the best teeth replacement options in modern dentistry. Dental implant teeth feel like natural teeth are firm in the jaw bone, have better functional efficiency, and are durable. 

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Advantages of Implant Tooth 


Fixed implant teeth are more comfortable than many other ways of teeth replacement. Increased comfort and confidence is one of the best advantages of a dental implant. 


Dental implant teeth are the most durable options for teeth replacement. A dental implant can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. 

Function & Aesthetic

With dental implant teeth, you have better chewing efficiency and comfort. Also, it feels and looks like natural teeth having firm support from the jaw bone. 

Maintained jaw bone

Implants complement the jaw bone like natural teeth and help in maintaining jaw bone integrity. 

Cost of Dental Implants in India

A single dental implant cost in India ranges from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 45000. The cost of dental implant treatment depends on many factors such as – the implant manufacturing company, implant surgeon’s skills, techniques of implant placement, implant prosthesis, and implant surgical accessories. Here we will see all the factors that affect the cost of a dental implants in India.
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Implant Manufacturing Company
Brand value is one of the most important factors in deciding the cost of dental implant treatment. Globally reputed companies provide value for money through their continued research and development. Best global brands are available for patients in India to get their teeth replacement. 
Implant Surgeons Skills
A successful implant treatment depends largely on the ability of the implant surgeon to choose and provide implant techniques that the surgeon is trained into. The best implant surgeons get continuous improvement in their implant skills through learning and adapting to the latest techniques. 
Implant Methods
Different implant methods are utilized to provide the best teeth replacement according to the specific requirement of your case. 
Implant Prosthesis
Material of implant prosthesis also determines the cost of dental implant treatment. Metal-free zirconia crowns tend to be more costly than porcelain fused to metal crowns. 
Extra Surgical Procedures
Extra adjunctive surgical procedures if required increase the cost of dental implant treatment. Some common surgeries are – sinus lift surgery, ridge split surgery, bone grafting surgery, GBR procedure, etc. 

Procedure for Dental Implant Placement

Stage One

  • After an initial consultation, diagnostic x-rays, CBCT, and treatment planning patient is scheduled for stage one implant surgery. 
  • With a little cut on gums underlying jaw bone is exposed at the site of implant placement.
  • Drilling sequence is followed to make space for implant in jaw bone according to the size of the selected implant. 
  • A sterile titanium implant is placed and screwed in the drill area of the jaw bone. 
  • Once it is fitted properly in a jaw bone a cover screw is placed over the implant.
  • The gums are sutured back to a normal position covering the implant completely. 
  • The implant is left in the jaw bone to heal and get fixed with the bone for about 3 to 6 months. 

Stage Two

  • Stage two surgery is made after a gap of 3 to 6 months to place an abutment that will hold a dental crown.
  • With a small cut on the gum surface the implant is exposed and the cover screw removed. 
  • An abutment is placed over the fixed implant with a screw.
  • Impression is taken to fabricate a dental crown.
  • Once a crown is ready it is placed over the abutment with cement or screw. 
  • A bite is checked and adjusted and you are ready to use your teeth for chewing and biting your favorite food. 

Fixed Implant Teeth with Advanced Dental Implants in India

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Conventional Implants

A conventional implant is a two-stage process to fix teeth in a jaw. The first implant is placed firmly in the jaw bone. Second, the abutment is placed over the implant to hold a crown. You get a fixed tooth in about 3 to 6 months. 
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All-On-4 / All-On-6

For economical replacement of full mouth implant teeth, All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants are used. A full arch dental bridge is placed over the implants. A reduced number of implants is cost-effective for all teeth replacement. 
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Basal Implants (Cortical)

Immediate fixed teeth replacement is possible with basal implantology. With basal implants, you can get fixed permanent implant teeth in 3 days. Moreover, there is no bone grafting or sinus lift surgery for a less jaw bone cases. 

Get Your Fixed Implant Tooth in 3 Days

Now you can get a fixed implant tooth in 3 days with advanced German technology of Basal Implantology. Dr. Prashant Chaudhary is an expert basal implant surgeon in India who had helped many patients to get immediate fixed teeth in 3 days. With almost 98.i% success rate with basal implants, Dr. Prashant had helped patients to get fixed implant teeth without extensive surgeries and with no added cost of dental implant procedures like Sinus lift Surgery, Bone Grafting, Guided Tissue Regeneration (GBR), etc.  Even patients having medical conditions like severe diabetes, cardiac disorders, chronic smokers, and severe periodontal conditions, can benefit from fixed implant teeth replacement with basal implantology. Get your basal implants in Gurgaon from experts now.